Harp Therapy

Harp Therapy

Martha Waldvogel-Warren is a Certified Harp Therapy Practitioner (CHTP) having received her accreditation in 2016 and remains in good standing with her continuing education.  She works as a contractor weekly at Holland Hospital and has had the privilege of providing therapeutic music to hundreds of patients.  Martha works primarily bedside for individual patients with a variety of conditions in the ICU and throughout the hospital.  Additionally, she plays in the Special Care Nursery (Neonatal unit) and for groups in the Behavioral Health unit.

Martha also offers programs to Assisted Living Facilities throughout West Michigan.

Martha has provided harp therapy interventions for hundreds of patients throughout the years, here are just a few of the remarks:

"Thank you sooooooo much for coming to my room to bring the healing grace of your heart-lifting music, exquisite artistry, and gently charismatic presence. All a gift we shall cherish always.” - Jack R.

"Your music is so soothing to the soul.” - Doug R.

“Thank you, that was very relaxing. It helps my breathing. I appreciate you doing that.” - Kevin V.

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