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Martha holds faculty positions at Hope College and Aquinas College and was an Adjunct Professor of Music at Grand Valley State University from 2009 until 2018.  In 2011, Waldvogel-Warren was thrilled at the invitation to teach for the inaugural season of the New Harmony Music Festival and School, where she continues to perform and instruct each summer.  Having returned to the US from Switzerland in 2007 with more than 12 years abroad, Waldvogel-Warren actively draws from her wealth of teaching experience.  Her assemblage from Musikschule Kloten/Zurich, along with those from her private studio, has given her an opportunity to direct several harp ensembles.

She finds it a privilege to work with a variety of students at many levels, from beginners to young professionals and maintains a large private studio.

During the academic year, Ms. Waldvogel-Warren holds group classes for absolute beginners as a way to give the harp a try before investing in an instrument and private lessons.  These courses are offered twice per year at an economical price with instrument rental included in the fee.

Martha is active in educating the public about Harp Therapy through presentations for many regional groups.

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